Thursday, February 5, 2009

S.P.Balasubramiam - As melodious as ever

I am a big fan of Balu garu. He is a blessing for all telugu people. Every telugu person is proud that Balu garu is from A.P. I think apart from Gantasala garu, he is the superb singer in telugu industry. He is a instituation by himself. He is blessed with an amazing move people through your voice...and let me tell you all, Indians around the world are moved too. His voice has an extraordinarily youthful quality. I have always listened to his film songs and have always loved them. I grew up in hyderabad and on festival days my mornings would start by listening to devotional songs of Sivashtakam, Vishshtakam, Lingashtakam sung by Balu sir (these were the days when loud speakers were played during festivals/national holidays). I use to make "puulla dandalu", 'mamidi toranalu" by singing the songs(ofcourse..sang to myself. I cant dare to sing loud, it would be a torture for the people listening.hahaha!!!). Apart from being a great fan of him, I appreciated his personality when I watch him anchoring "Paduta Teeyaga". I realised that he took singing seriously and he sincerely worshipped it.

He has sang different kinds of songs from "Adi Bikshuvadi nedi adigadi", "Onnamalu Nerpalani annukunna", "Oh Priya, priya", "Sapatu eto ledhu patayani padu brother"..

Sripathi Panditaradhyula Balasubrahmanyam who is legendary singer, actor, dubbing artist(he use to speak for Kamal Hassan in Telugu movies mostly),producer and music director of South. He had sung in Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and other Indian languages. He is from Konetammapeta and this place is in Nellore district of Andhra Pradesh.

He received a Doctorate in 1999 from Pottisreeramulu University, Andhra Pradesh. He won 6 times a National Award. He won the Padmashri award in the year 2001.

I will surely write more about this great personality in my coming posts...

To know more about him and his whereabouts you can go to the official site of Balu garu is

See ya.. HB

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