Thursday, February 5, 2009

PIBARE RAMA RASAM (Relish the nectar of Lord Rama's Name)

Today I was in spiritual mood and wanted to write about some nice kirtanas. One of my favorite ones is "Pibare Rama Rasam" and I wanted to write my thoughts about it. My husband and I are going to VA this weekend to meet our friends V & S. My friend S has learnt classical music training for 10 years and has a lovely voice. I might request her to sing this kirtana for us.

TYPE: Kirtana

RAGAM : yamunAkalyANi
POET: Sadashiva Brahmendra


pibare rAmarasaM rasane
pibare rAma rasam


dUrIk.rta pAtaka saMsargaM
pUrita nAnAvidha phala vargam || 1 ||

janana maraNa bhaya shoka vidUraM
sakala shAstra nigamAgama sAram || 2 ||

paripAlita sarasija garbhANDaM
parama pavitrI k.rta pAShANDam || 3 ||

shuddha paramahaMsAshrita gItaM
shuka shaunaka kaushika mukha pItam || 4 ||

Wow!! Such a lovely kirtana... Everytime I hear this, I feel pious... I knew this kirtana from my childhood, but never got a chance to find the meaning of it. Today when I was planning to write this post, I thought "Why not find details of the composer and the meaning of this lovely words.." and I started my research in my favorite search engine.. Google. This kirtana is written by a celebrated composer "Sadashiva Brahmendra". He is of Telugu Niyogi origin who lived in Madurai in Tamil Nadu. I am still searching to find the meaning of the kirtana. If anyone can get it, please post it me. I will highly grateful.

Thanks and meet you soon in my next post...Ciao

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