Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hi...I am blogging

Hi folks,

This is my first journey in blogging....I am highly exicted with my blog. I want to use this blog as a facebook where I can write my thoughts.. thoughts which were in my mind for so long.... I love my site name.. "Shwaas"... hmmm what a wonderful name... I got associated with this name few years back when I watched a marathi movie called "Shwaas" with my husband. My husband hails from Maharastra, and so one evening, we decided to watch a movie. We somehow came across to this movie and read some great reviews..What a heart breaking movie..Its a story of a grandfather's dilemma of saving his grandson's sight who has been struck with retina cancer. The movie is very life like, every dialogue ( i dont understand marathi, my husband was translating it for me), every gesture, every scene was so simple & honest..And moreover the title is so apt... Shwaas - Breath...In this fast moving world, we are desperate of money, fame, power. We make tremendous efforts to get these 3 things in our lives, and we keep on striving every day to get more and more.. but do we think about love and do we have take time out of lives for others with unconditional motives? Do we make efforts to preserve our precious memories, people whom we love?? Do we care about our SHWAAS.. "My-Shwaas" is about my precious breath which keeps going for the people who love me & the people whom I love & care...



  1. Finally!!
    The content is very spiritual so far.Looks like you will need another blog so simple souls like me can communicate!!!

  2. Hello Mrs Ande,

    You might find some posts to be spiritual, but most of them will be very simple. I don't know much spiritual stuff, still trying to learn as much as can...